On January 2nd 2019 IAI Bali or Indonesian Architect Association in Bali held the second SERASI exhibition in Sanur Prime Plaza. Just like last year, they also had a Pecha Kucha Night in this year exhibition. All the exhibitors would present their panel for only 3 minutes each. The theme for this year was “Architecture […]

First of all, a new year often provides opportunities to look back and reflect. 2018 was quite of a year. To sum up, it was somewhat like a roller coaster ride, we had a lot of ups and few downs. We try to focus on the good as we got some amazing projects going on, […]

SHL Asia is introducing you the new space to channel creativity and culture. Through Workspace and Culture we want to present people the new side of us. People can find numerous landscapes and architecture consultants in the country, but what distinguishes us with the rest is how we present our brand as a whole. So […]

Art As Part of Us Art has been a part of human culture in some capacity or other since ancient times. It serves as a medium of not only personal self-expression, but also as a way to communicate the artist’s view of reality to other people. Working in the design industry allows us to create […]

Indonesia has thousands of islands with multicultural traditions that embellish every corner of the island. Every city holds different custom and characteristic that distinguish them from one another, but it doesn’t necessarily belong to one. Taking this architecture project as an example, the owner wanted to bring the Balinese architecture in to the City of […]

Happy 8th year anniversary SHL Asia!!! Last week of July marked our 8th anniversary of being in the business. As they say, success is a journey and not a destination. While our success story will keep going on, we have set a milestone of completion of eight successful years into our landscape and architecture projects […]

Welcome to Cloud Nine The amazing fertility of the Balinese soil has accorded the Balinese a lot of leisure time, aside from their work as peasants, and stimulated their imagination and creativity. They would channel their creativity in such artistic ways even down on to their daily activities, such as the art of making offerings […]

Aesthetically pleasing tropical garden One should appear lush and vibrant; this can be accomplished through dense planting of proper trees, greens and flowering plants. A tropical garden must features tropical plants and requires a good deal of sunlight and a warm, moist climate. These gardens need a good amount of water from either rainfall or […]