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It has been almost four months since the first outbreak of covid19 in Indonesia. The government has announced health protocols which resulted for most offices working from home and quarantining in all the states throughout the country and so is Bali. Although things have gotten slowing down for many of us, but SHL Asia team is still on grinding as ever.

The team is working on some of the design-phase projects such as Sanna villa in Ubud, few of our projects in India and the new Adiwana Hotels project. While most of our on-going design phase projects still going, some of them need to put on hold until undetermined time. As much as it is hard to admit, we have to understand the situation. With this pandemic happening, tourism basically has been shut down and so have many hospitality projects. However, with every storm comes a rainbow. We got the chance to reevaluate our company and preparing a grand comeback once the condition is (new) normal.

Set that aside, our construction projects are going according to schedule but of course followed with bunch of adjustments on site. The team have been kept busy following up issues and coordinating with all parties involved. Some of the projects include our collaboration project with Nicolas Schoeybroek for a private villa in Tabanan, a project with Tierra Design Thailand for Andaz Bali Resort and a collaboration project with Yoka Sara Byrdhouse Beachclub in Sanur. We do conduct frequent site visit to these projects for supervision  purposes. All activity on site is done carefully following the health regulation due to the outbreak.

shl asia architecture | landscape | artwork

Going back to SHL Asia studio, things have slowly gotten back to  (new) normal. Our small team has been working in office with strict health protocols such controlled hygiene practice, mask usage and physical distancing. While safety and health of our staff is our top priority, at the same time we are still committed in delivering a high quality products and services for clients. Yes, it is a hard time for all of us but that does not mean we give in to the situation. We are trying our best to keep things going and do our own part to make it better.


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