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Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful place to relax and share moments with friends? For the owner with this dream, bringing to life a simple yet elegant café is the first step in an exciting journey. This café will be a manifestation of the down-to-earth concept that explores the beauty of nature through a variety of natural materials.

1. Gelam Wood Pergola

One of the distinctive elements of this café is the use of gelam wood pergolas. Gelam wood, with its warmth and unique grain, adds a deep sense of natural beauty to the café. The gelam wood pergola used as a roof also provides protection from excessive sunlight while allowing natural light to illuminate the café’s interior.

2. Alang-Alang Roof

The alang-alang roof is the perfect choice to infuse a rural touch into this café. It brings a soothing tropical atmosphere and maintains a comfortable temperature inside the space. Moreover, the alang-alang roof blends the beauty of nature with the café’s simple and down-to-earth concept.

3. Ulin Wood Columns with Rustic Style

The café’s columns are crafted from ulin wood, known for its remarkable durability. Ulin wood also adds a rustic touch that complements the café’s simple and natural concept. With appropriate finishing, the ulin wood columns become aesthetic elements that enrich the café’s interior design.

4. Simple Design with Wide Openings

This café is designed with a simple, open concept that allows natural sunlight to permeate the space. The wide openings create a comfortable atmosphere and connect the interior with the surrounding nature. This open space invites visitors to enjoy the outdoors while savoring the dishes and beverages offered.

5. Collaboration with Lush Softscape

To add a touch of natural greenery, the café incorporates various lush softscape elements. Strategically placed green plants provide a fresh and soothing ambiance.

6. Gelam Wood Pergola Area with a Bar

The gelam wood pergola area is one of the highlights of this café. Here, visitors can relish an open-air ambiance with comfortable shading. The pergola is equipped with a bar, allowing patrons to enjoy various coffee and cocktail options while taking in the natural scenery.

7. Relaxing Lounge

This café offers a comfortable lounge area, not just for coffee but also for relaxation. Visitors can unwind, read books, or simply enjoy the serene atmosphere. The lounge is designed with visitor comfort as a top priority.

8. Stage with “Artwork Cili” Design

The café also features a stage adorned with a unique artwork called “Artwork Cili.” This artwork serves as a focal point, adding an exclusive artistic touch to the café. The stage is used for live events such as music performances or poetry readings, enhancing the café’s appeal as a unique entertainment venue.

This café, with its earthy and natural concept, is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, providing a serene setting for relaxing moments with friends. With the use of natural materials like gelam wood pergolas, alang-alang roofs, and ulin wood columns, the café creates a harmonious atmosphere with nature. Coupled with the artistic touch of “Artwork Cili” and various comfortable areas, this café is an inviting place for anyone seeking tranquility in the beauty of nature.