SHL Asia

Focus & Shine

“Personalized Design Through Desa Kala Patra Philosophy”

Coming from an ancient Balinese philosophy, Desa Kala Patra is the flexibility of Balinese society to respond to a certain place (Desa), a certain time (Kala) and a certain situation (Patra). When it is implemented on the design, SHL Asia aims to create design that answer the needs and wants for each individual and provide more than just design but also experience which can elevate its value into memorable journey that lasts a lifetime through the element of Indonesian, especially Balinese, culture, art and nature.


Our vision is to become a multi-disciplinary design consultant that provides personalized design based on the philosophy of Desa Kala Patra with the element of Culture, Art and Nature.


Our vision is to become a multi-disciplinary design consultant that provides personalized design based on the philosophy of Desa Kala Patra with the element of Culture, Art and Nature.


SHL Asia’s company’s culture reflects the value of MERCI. Mindset. Empathy. Research. Collaboration. Integrity. We acknowledge the importance of having a positive mindset, deep empathy, thorough research, supportive collaboration and high integrity to accommodate the needs and wants of clients and other team members and creating a creative and solutive masterpiece.


Sasta Jelantik

I Kadek Agus J. Sastaparamartha or Sasta Jelantik is one of the two founders and curators in SHL Asia aside from Jung Yat. Originally from Karangasem, in East of Bali, Sasta Jelantik grew up enjoying his childhood being close with nature and art. Alike many people in Bali, art was a big part in Sasta’s life. He was greatly influenced by his family performing theatre to reading poetry. He loved to draw—as a kid, he would draw on every paper he could possibly found and even got rewarded first place in drawing contest. Sasta eventually decided to take Architecture Engineering Study in Udayana University following his childhood dream. He graduated university in 2003 to work at one of the senior architecture bureaus in the island and few years later landed himself working in Bensley Design Studio. He admired the idyllic design and style of Bensley’s and succeeded earning the trust to handle a hotel project in Shanghai, China. Not long after, Sasta met his partner, Jung Yat and together they established SHL Asia. Sasta likes to immerse himself with reading and knowledge. His imaginative mind often produce soulful design that delivers meaningful stories for each project.

Jung Yat

I Gusti Agung Ngurah Widianingrat or also known by the name Jung Yat, is one of the founders and curators of SHL Asia along with Sasta Jelantik. Like many Balinese, Jung Yat who was born and raised in Denpasar, Bali was introduced to culture and art from ceremonial activities and temple visits. His sense of art started to develop since he was young because his mother was a teacher in an art school. Jung Yat got accepted to Architecture Study Atmajaya University and coming back to his Motherland right after he graduated. He loved making concept and expanding connections which brought him into a well-known architecture firms in Bali and met his landscape inspiration, Ketut Suratman from one of the projects he handled. Later he got hired in an international firm, Bensley Design Studio where he met his SHL Asia’s partner, Sasta Jelantik. Jung Yat’s approach on architecture design emphasize on space and function optimization that offers problem solving with a touch of local element that is visually pleasing.


Ketut Suratman

Principal of Landscape Design

Suratman is the founder of Rimba Bali Garden, a landscape contractor in Bali. He has teamed up with SHL Asia since 2014 for a hotel’s landscape project in India. Since then, Suratman and SHL Asia continued to work together on numerous projects.

Agung Prawidia

Legal Partner

Agung has been working as a legal consultant in various companies and institutions in Jakarta and Bali. In 2021, Agung has been chosen as SHL Asia’a legal partner where he would assist and review all legal contracts and agreements between SHL Asia and other party.

Suwamana Wahyu

Hospitality Consultant

Having keen eyes on hospitality market and trend, Wahyu is a well-known figure amongst hoteliers in the island. With 23 years of hotelier experience, Wahyu has been trusted to become a hospitality consultant for SHL Asia along with all of our hospitality projects.

Esha Satrya

Branding Developer

Esha started his career as graphic designer in 2010 and grew into an all-in-one branding developer. Esha has worked with the branding of SHL Asia. The most recent project was Timeless Harmony where Esha worked as the graphic designer and branding developer.

Rusdi Sanad

Hospitality Photographer

Rusdi has been a professional photographer since 2007 that focuses on commercial photography for corporate and architecture hospitality. Rusdi and SHL Asia has collaborated to publish Timeless Harmony, a book on design and culture.

2G Studio

3D Visualization

2G Studio is a full-serviced production 3D visualization & creative marketing company based in Bali who have worked with international clients. Previously, SHL Asia and 2G Studio have collaborated on a campaign video to promote Bali, called “The Second Paradise”.