SHL Asia

Crafting Timeless Harmony

In a world full of trends, be timeless. Where design may come and go, be the one that can resonate across generations. Here in SWARNA HUTAMA LOKA, more widely recognized as SHL Asia, we are a professional design consultancy for architectural, landscape, interior and artwork services we pride ourselves in crafting designs that are timeless and in harmony with not only your needs and your values but also carefully crafted with the principles of Culture, Art and Nature.

In a Nutshell

Established in 2010, SHL Asia is a Bali based design consultancy specialised in Hospitality design for Resorts, Hotels, Villas, Restaurants, Cafe, Spa to upscale Residentials. For over a decade, rather than adhering to a singular signature style, SHL Asia is renowned for timeless design that prioritises harmony with everything involved which include collaborative approach, engaging with clients and supported by a dedicated team of passionate and talented professionals. 

What Drives Us

Just like the fertile land that cultivates one’s self, SHL Asia is more than a company, it will become a place to grow and develop talented individuals. A place that enriches and inspires, so for all of us, the shareholders, the stakeholders, the team members and our ideal clients, will achieve holistic welfare.

Cultural Pillars


A strong foundation and culture is what made SHL Asia have been in the industry for over a decade, gaining trust from our trusted clients and building international portfolios. It reflects the value of MERCI. Mindset – Empathy – Research – Collaboration – Integrity. By understanding the importance of having the right mindset to solve problems, truly developing deep empathy on  the ideal client’s point of view and committing thorough research, at the same time creating a supportive and positive collaboration with high integrity to carry on each project to finish, SHL Asia creates designs that not only visually pleasing but actually answer. These values are embedded to every team member throughout the company for us to deliver the best services and products for our ideal clients.

Our Principal

Anang Rahman


Anang is Principal of Landscape Design of SHL Asia. He joined SHL Asia in 2011 and his first project was to supervise a landscape architecture project in Goa, India. Ever since, Anang has been involved in various landscape projects from small to big scale within and outside the country, including the most recent finished projects Andaz Bali and Hyatt Regency Bali.

Alco Alisyaq


Alco Alisyaq has always been fascinated by nature. He grew up exploring nature and going on adventure trying on new things. Alco views landscape design as essential as the building itself. He admires tropical design with natural feeling yet still presents clean overall look.  He found his call as a landscape designer for his love of nature and finally became the addition to SHL Asia as one of the principals of landscape design. 

Chandra Apsari


Chandra has been promoted to become one of the Principals of Architecture Design of SHL Asia. She was originally came from Nusa Penida, a stunning tranquil island and spent her childhood close to the sea. Her view on design has reflected into her work that incorporates natural day light which is relevant to the tropical nature. She enjoys working on spaces, lighting and shadow making her design aesthetically pleasant.

Kadek Arimbawa


Kadek Arimbawa is one of the Principals of architect of SHL Asia. Born and raised in Bali, he is a young and passionate professional who love all things design and lifestyle. His refreshing point of view allow him to understand every need and dream of the client and translate them into a personalized design. Kadek enjoys travelling between his schedule to make sure that his taste of design is always on point.

Oryza Irawan


With 16 years of industry experience, Oryza possesses a profound understanding of how design comes into plays for the success of a project. He emphasizes the importance of combining a skilled team with close collaboration to ensure that project goals are met according to client’s dream. Oryza’s design expertise spans master planning, architecture, and landscape design, allowing him to effectively handle large-scale projects from their early stages to completion. Alongside his strong project management skills, he is dedicated to problem-solving, drawing from experience gained from both successful projects and those that presented challenges. His interest in the broad spectrum of design and his problem-solving approach drive Oryza’s commitment to achieving successful outcomes, even in complex situations.

Management Department

Sasta Jelantik

Director of Operation

I Kadek Agus J. Sastaparamartha or Sasta Jelantik is one of the two founders and managing directors in SHL Asia aside from Jung Yat. Originally from Karangasem, Sasta Jelantik grew up being close with nature and art. Sasta met his partner, Jung Yat and together they established SHL Asia. Sasta likes to immerse himself with reading and knowledge. His imaginative mind often view soulful design that delivers meaningful stories for each of SHL Asia’s design.

Jung Yat

Director of Vision

I Gusti Agung Ngurah Widianingrat or also known by the name Jung Yat, is the managing director and founders of SHL Asia along with Sasta Jelantik. Like many Balinese, Jung Yat who was born and raised in Denpasar, Bali was introduced to culture and art activities. Jung Yat’s approach on design emphasize on space and function optimization that offers problem solving with a touch of local element that is visually pleasing.

Diah Melawati

Director of Finance

Diah has been with SHL Asia since 7 years ago and eventually trusted to become the Head of Finance Department. She is an organized and detail-oriented person with good eyes on projection and opportunities. Diah is working closely with both Managing Directors and other departments in assisting to grow the company. In her spare time, Diah can be found reading her favourite novels or journals.

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