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About Us

About Us

Botanica by SHL Asia is a design and build landscape division under SHL Asia in collaboration with our trusted partners. With the vision of Timeless Design for Valuable People, Botanica strives to bring the ultimate Bali Tropical Landscape to any house, villa and hospitality project through the value of local values and the selection of high-quality materials and tropical plants. Our team consist of young passionate people with professional and reliable partners with over a decade of experience to ensure excellent execution and services.


Our vision, “Timeless Design for Valuable People,” remain as a solid foundation for SHL Asia and the five principals with the rest of young and driven team in producing an exclusive and personal design. We describe “Timeless Design” as designs that reflect the values of Culture, Art and Nature. Valuable people are the people who appreciate design that integrates culture, art and nature. People that value design and synergize beautifully with the same vision as ours.


Starting with the right mindset, SHL Asia’s service and design accommodates the needs of our client through deep empathy. We translate the dreams into a story to tell based on the actual thorough research. Each story, even each touch of the details elevates the design to create meaningful memories. Each step is essential for SHL Asia design’s journey to really deliver what the client’s desired. Ultimately, SHL Asia delivers creativity into their timeless design with excellent design experience.


SHL Asia  is an intimate team full of people who are passionate, who possess integrity, and are collaborative. We value these traits and continuously show passion and interest towards making the best design for valuable people. We strive to always deliver A-grade products and services with great responsibility and accountability that involve outstanding teamwork and collaboration, not only towards our team but collaboration with everyone involved in the project from client, other consultants as well as operators.


Januar Hartadi

Januar Hartadi has been a landscape contractor for almost 15 years. He established Suksma Garden back in 2008 and continue to build different projects from private residences, villas to hotels and resorts. His professionalism has been proven throughout the years as he still personally in-charge with each and every of his project. He always determine to realize every designer’s vision and ensure that his identity as a landscape contractor would not disturb the initial vision of the landscape design. Januar and SHL Asia has come a long way, working on countless projects together and even built mutual portfolio namely for Kapungkur Villa, Natya Resort & Spa Ubud and Tanadewa Resort. Januar has been trusted for SHL Asia’s partner for Botanica by SHL Asia.

Kadek Sudila

Born and raised in Bali, Kadek Sudila is a true Balinese with a sense of art flowing in his blood. He specialized as a paludarium artist but also work on aquascape and natural pond. Sudila has built various projects on all scales across Bali and Indonesia, creating paludarium for public places, offices and residences. Started out as a hobby, he created his first aquascape project just for fun until more and more people noticed and interested on his works. Upon his recognition, Sudila gathered a team of people from his banjar (neighborhood community). He helped and trained them personally on how to build a soulful design, so each of his team are qualified and skillful. When he was asked where did he learn about all of this, he simply answered that he was thankful being a Balinese as he has been very close with art and nature since he was little so when inspiration came it just natural for him to bring his vision into life. Kadek Sudila is now trusted to be Botanica partner as a specialist in paludarium.

Conceptual &
Engineering Division

Behind every well-executed project, there are excellent team with outstanding collaboration and dedication. Each of them specializes and leads their own division. Both teams have been collaborating to powers the production house of SHL Asia that delivers top quality designs and products to our valuable clients. Introducing the production team, Kadek Arimbawa as the Head of Conceptual Division with the team of Dwi Susilayanti, Harry Sandhi, Bagus Gangga, Novia Sonery, Indra Mahaputra, and Ayu Santhi. And Chandra Apsari as the Head of Engineering Division leads the team of Iwan Sanubari, Salma Crisna, Agung Dini, Bramastya Utama, Nadila Putri and Dewa Buana.

Research & Development
Finance & Marcomm Division

The non-project team is as essential as the production team in keeping the company running. They are in-charge of all non-project related matters from financial, branding to research. They consist of Finance and General Affair Division, Marketing Communication Division and Research and Development Division that support the company with their own specialties. Finance and General Affair is led by Diah Melawati and a team of CIA Krisna and Wayan Darma. Marketing Communication is led by Kairana Gassani and a team of Agus Angga and Astrid Harika. Research and Development Division is led by Vika Hartawan and team of Teguh Wisesa and Bratha Ariyuda.


Ketut Suratman

Principal of Landscape Design

Suratman is the founder of Rimba Bali Garden, a landscape contractor in Bali. He has teamed up with SHL Asia since 2014 for a hotel’s landscape project in India. Since then, Suratman and SHL Asia continued to work together on numerous projects.

Agung Prawidia

Legal Partner

Agung has been working as a legal consultant in various companies and institutions in Jakarta and Bali. In 2021, Agung has been chosen as SHL Asia’a legal partner where he would assist and review all legal contracts and agreements between SHL Asia and other party.

Suwamana Wahyu

Hospitality Consultant

Having keen eyes on hospitality market and trend, Wahyu is a well-known figure amongst hoteliers in the island. With 23 years of hotelier experience, Wahyu has been trusted to become a hospitality consultant for SHL Asia along with all of our hospitality projects.

Esha Satrya

Branding Developer

Esha started his career as graphic designer in 2010 and grew into an all-in-one branding developer. Esha has worked with the branding of SHL Asia. The most recent project was Timeless Harmony where Esha worked as the graphic designer and branding developer.

Rusdi Sanad

Hospitality Photographer

Rusdi has been a professional photographer since 2007 that focuses on commercial photography for corporate and architecture hospitality. Rusdi and SHL Asia has collaborated to publish Timeless Harmony, a book on design and culture.

2G Studio

3D Visualization

2G Studio is a full-serviced production 3D visualization & creative marketing company based in Bali who have worked with international clients. Previously, SHL Asia and 2G Studio have collaborated on a campaign video to promote Bali, called “The Second Paradise”.