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Ubudarea has always had something to offer, from lush jungle, the flowing white river and even the vibrant culture ofUbudian. These Ubud’s traits attract people from all over the world, making it on the top list areas to visit. With the abundant tourist coming to the area, Ubud is one of the melting pots of villas and resort in the island. The cool crisp air in the morning and a million dollar view of greens and valley are two of the reasons why staying in Ubud feels more exclusive and secluded. It might be one of the reasons why Tanadewa Villa and Spa has opened its branch in Ubud, Gianyar.

Our landscape project, TanadewaVilllas and Spa has recently completed its construction progress. It is built right at the edge of a valley with a small creek and a natural riverbed as the backyard. It is nestled quiet hidden, away from the bustling main road but still very reachable. However, having a stunning backyard and isolatedarea also comes with a price.

Because the project is situated on the incline and an uneven land contour, it became quite a challenge. Moreover, the site has a big amount of water flowing down into the river. It then became another challenge as the high pressure of the water broke down the structure. We then applied cut and fill method to even out the contour and implemented gabion embankment to still allow the water flows through.

The landscape concept of course complemented the architecture concept, Bali contemporary style. Inspired by the localness, we preserved the existing plants on site. We have Teraptrees (Artocarpusodoratissimus), Coconut trees (Cocos nucifera)and native Bali plant like Majegau tree (Dysoxylumdensiflorum) on site.  We also added various kinds of tropical shrubs and trees that were handled by our reliable landscape constructor partner, Suksma Garden.

As for the artwork and most of the hardscape, itis aligned with the architecture Balinese contemporary concept and incorporating the local culture, such as the carving of the Balinese traditional dance and the placement of angkul-angkul in each villa entry. A lot of wall carving and statue was done and displayed by our trusted partner, 66 Pottery Bali.

Overall design, the project reflects the Balinese contemporary design. Even with the modernity that it offered, we still made sure the guest would feel the Bali vibes. The arrangement and placements of the plants truly liven up the ambience of Bali and the artworks that is inspired from Balinese folk stories. On last week of April, we proudly presented our project for architecture student visit from University of WidyaMataram Yogyakarta. They came to study the architecture and our landscape work that truly echoes the Bali feel.


SHL Asia Team