SHL Asia

In its thirteenth year, SHL Asia marks a momentous occasion as #SHLAsiaPeople come together to celebrate this milestone with boundless enthusiasm. This special commemoration encompasses a series of meaningful activities, honoring a journey filled with achievements and dedication—a historic moment for everyone involved in this remarkable voyage. Beginning with great fervor, we conducted a collective prayer (tirta yatra) to express gratitude for the path we have traversed. This was followed by #SHLAsiaBerARTi, our first Corporate Social Responsibility program. Not just limited to dedication towards the community, we also took the opportunity to strengthen our bonds within the team. Through #SHLAsiaTeamBuildingOutbond, we built camaraderie, reinforced collaboration, and honed leadership skills. Our team emerged more united, forming a robust and cohesive unit ready to face future challenges.

The pinnacle of our celebration was the simple yet memorable SHL Asia 13th Anniversary. The atmosphere was infused with a sense of difference, as our team continues to grow, and our friends achieve extraordinary milestones every day. The #SHLAsiaPeople Award took center stage, wherein both founders of SHL Asia, Jungyat and Sasta Jelantik, bestowed appreciation upon several team members who have exhibited unwavering dedication over the years.

The recipients of the #SHLAsiaPeople Award are:

SHL Asia People Platinum Award, 12th Dedication at SHL Asia For Anang Rahman

SHL Asia People Gold Award, 7th Dedication at SHL Asia, For Diah Melawati

SHL Asia People Gold Award, 6th Dedication at SHL Asia, For Kadek Arimbawa

SHL Asia People Gold Award, 6th Dedication at SHL Asia, For Wayan Darma

Furthermore, the celebration presented various other award categories, reflecting the diverse talents and contributions of each individual within the team. And, of course, no celebration would be complete without the collective singing session to rejoice in SHL Asia’s thirteen years of existence. We all earnestly hope that SHL Asia will continue to be a nurturing environment for #SHLAsiaPeople to grow and flourish together. With the same spirit, we remain committed to innovation, collaboration, and achieving ambitious dreams. Together, we can achieve anything we set our minds to!

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