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Behind every well-executed project, there are strong and diligent leaders with outstanding collaboration and dedication. Introducing the leaders of the production team, the leaders that make every project of SHL Asia possible, Vika Hartawan, Chandra Apsari, and Kadek Arimbawa. Each of them specializes and leads their own division with Vika Hartawan as the Head of Research and Development, Chandra Apsari as the Head of Engineering Division, and Kadek Arimbawa as the Head of Conceptual Division. The trio has been collaborating to powers the production house of SHL Asia that delivers top quality designs and products to our valuable clients.

Turning a dream into a design needs a whole lot of imagination and a sense of art, just like how the Conceptual Division team needs to have strong visualization to create the dream design of the client. They are catching dreams and telling story for SHL Asia and client to have mutual understanding on the project. This division responsible for vision and scenario stage of the production system and headed by Kadek Arimbawa.

Despite being the youngest, Kadek, has been with SHL Asia the longest. He started out as a junior architect and has always been actively contributing ideas in the designing process with the principals. His passion in creating design have very much influenced by his idol and the local culture. He enjoys outdoor and traveling to new places for architecture sightseeing and keep updated with the trend.

After it is approved, the design is handed over to Engineering Division team where they would go into the technical matter in exploration and detail drawing stage. In this stage of the production system, the team is responsible for the technical drawing down to every detail, from the material, structure, to coordination. They carry huge accountability as the execution on site is based on these drawings. Being the only woman as a head, Chandra Apsari is able to be assertive yet easy going at the same time. With the biggest team out of all divisions, Chandra ensures effective communication and time management for each member. She makes sure the drawings are being delivered on-time according to time schedule while supervising their quality. Dealing with details and technical every day, she enjoys doing sketch outdoor to refresh her mind and stay creative with her work.

Lats but not least, the whole designing and production process would not be complete without Research and Development Division that helps not only with finding new materials and experimenting new systems but also developing the right mindset and operation standards for the company. R&D Division collects data from various resources that might be needed by both Conceptual and Engineering Divisions, and we are currently expanding to softscape research.

They need to stay up to date with the latest materials and plants that are suitable from design and cost-wise. Headed by Vika Hartawan, a high curiosity individual, R&D divisions continuously analyses and evaluating development. With his experience working systematically, Vika manages to create system and SOP that powers the production system of SHL Asia. He is fascinated to meet new people and enjoys his external interaction. On his free time, Vika can be found experimenting his carpentry skill or visiting projects.

Lead by exceptional individual, the three divisions in SHL Asia production system are working closely together to produce a grade-A quality products for our valuable clients. Each head of the division excels with their own characteristic making them a brilliant leader on their field. SHL Asia is super excited in promoting the three young and driven heads leading the production divisions of the company. Once again, the team has greatly shown one of the most essential cultures of SHL Asia, which is a collaborative individual.


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