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Adiwana Jeevalokha

Hospitality Design

When talking about hospitality design, one must enhance its visual as well as its functionality that fulfill the needs of users. Hospitality designs generate an experience. Although there are many factors that contribute to that experience such as service, dining and cleanliness, it always starts with the first impression: the design. When guests first arrive, they see the façade, and then start to explore the lobby. If they feel off or even unimpressed, that could set the tone for their stay. If the design energy amazes them, this could secure the guests who will not only return but also tell others about their experience.

The Famous Bali Style

As one of the top tourist and hospitality destinations, Bali offers numerous places to stay ranging from boutique hotels, private villas and high-end resorts. Many of them portray Bali style which incorporates traditional Balinese architecture to the design. The famous “Bali style” was introduced and popularized by foreign architects such as Peter Muller, Geoffrey Bawa and Kerry Hill. The knowledge transmission of local architecture became their tools to carry on local tradition and stood equally to the most sophisticated architecture work while still holding onto local values. They have broken doubts from the society that Balinese architecture was merely houses and sacred buildings. This also have encouraged other architects to then study and develop Balinese architecture more, just like us.

shl asia | architecture | landscape | artwork

As a Bali based hospitality design consultant, our work is both functional and visually exciting. We always strive to integrate local culture into our design. It could be the architecture, folk stories or even nature surrounding, it is all part of the Bali culture. We want to create a journey experience that can be long remembered even after the guest leave just like exactly the purpose of hospitality design is.

Adiwana Jeevalokha, A Sanctuary for The Soul

One of our on-going projects reflects all these needs, a secluded boutique hotel, Adiwana Jeevalokha by Adiwana hotels. Jeeva means live/soul and lokha means a world/place. The word is derived from Sanskrit which basically means a world or place for the soul. Adiwana Jeevalokha was designed as the sanctuary for the souls, a place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of modernity.

The project is located in Ubud, a village in Gianyar. The village is long known for cultural and art center as well as beautiful lush landscape. Nowadays, however, the village and even Bali in general has slowly shifted away from its tradition. A number of newly built architecture takes on more modern approach that is far from Balinese architecture. With that in mind, we want to create a sanctuary where guests can experience how Bali truly is, the Island of Gods, a peaceful place.

Traditional Balinese Architecture

Candi Bentar gate for entrance

Red bricks to accentuate local materials

Architecture wise, the building implements various Balinese architecture elements to truly reflect how Bali in the past. Although the overall typology of the building is a simplified Balinese architecture, the details, however, speak for themselves. Right from the entrance, guests are welcomed by an inspired Candi Bentar gate, a gate to enter the outer area of a palace or temple in Bali traditional layout zone. Going in to the inner area, there is Candi Kurung gate, a gate between outer and inner area of the hotel. Other than that, the hotel is designed into few building compounds implementing the natah concept in Balinese houses. The architecture harmoniously uses local materials such as red bricks and natural stones to really accentuate the feel of traditional Bali.

Landscape Inspired by Nature

shl asia | architetcure | landscape | artwork
Lush landscape left and right

To complement the architecture, the landscape is inspired by the rich culture and beautiful nature around the site. It is designed to be tropical and lush just like the environment on site. It is aimed to feel like natural jungle hence we play around with a lot of layering and composition to make as if its nature-made. The landscape is also completed with some water element for calming and rejuvenating effect through a natural waterfall where the stream flows across the site. By staying to Bali’s root and close to the nature, Adiwana Jeevalokha creates an experience that not only distinctive but eases the soul.  All these components have come together to deliver a whole design experience that last for the guests. A moment to disconnect and find peace at Adiwana Jeevalokha.

Adiwana Jeevalokha – Design by SHL Asia


SHL Asia Team