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Following up our celebration with the IAI award last month, we are thrilled to presents you with another recognition from Indonesia Property Awards in architecture landscape design category for our on-going project, Citadines Berawa Beach Hotel in Canggu. Indonesia Property Award is part of the regional Property Guru Asia Property Awards program that has been held since 2005. It is considered one of the most respected and sought after award for property, design and developer companies.

This project is located in a coastal village of Berawa, Canggu. The area is one of the newest discovered hotspots for surfer addicts and hippy travelers. Since it is located close to the beach, the weather can get very hot and humid at times thus encourages us to create the shady jungle atmosphere in a coastal area where guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The lushness mainly comes from the volume and the selection of plants. We implement the concept of Green Building – visually – that is presented through the different type of arrangements and selection of the plants. There are forests inside the hotel and the vertical garden which will cover most of the exposed roof and wall. This is also an effort to minimize the building’s massive impression with the surrounding environment.

Different types of forest take place in different area within the hotel. Guest can experience mini forest in inner garden area near to the lobby and jungle (different variety of plants) in the rooftop area where it will eventually portray the trees coming out from the roof of the building. Although guest can enjoy this different kind of rainforest in many spots throughout the hotel, there are also variations of simple gardens like in pool area to accommodate all activities in the pool as well as in restaurant area where we design quite a spacious lawn for the playground.

To enhance the tropical feeling, we apply big foliage plants that are typically found in the jungle such as Alocasia, Monstera, and broad leaves tree. We also insert water element into the landscape through indoor curtain waterfall and pond. The water element within the landscape will offers a cooling effect and relaxation. Local materials such as kerobokan sandstone, lava stone for its hardscape and also utilizing recycled materials like ironwood for the deck.

The overall concept offers different experiences of tropical hideaway in the midst of buzzling crowd of Berawa, Canggu. We want to present a diverse concept with our project while considering the clients, the location while still in tune with the surrounding. Through this recognition, aside from being an achievement, we want to also make it a motivation to deliver better products and services for clients, developer and all parties involved.


SHL Asia team