The Story

SHL Asia is a Bali based consultant, specializing in landscape and architecture design. The synergies of growing spirits who enjoy enrich the color of the human civilization through creative ideas and luxury designs. The two founders and principals, Kadek Sasta and Jung Yat, along with the latest appointed principal, Anang Rahman, has shared the same vision on landscape architecture design. Since then, SHL Asia continuously produces designs for Internationally Resorts and Spa, Hotel, Private Villas and Residences.

Established in 2010 with the former name Studio Hijau Lumut, we then rebranded to SHL Asia in 2015. We wanted to present a fresher image with more playful and friendly approach combined with the value of nature and culture. The core value, Campuhan Script, is the new spirit of SHL Asia. It represents the creative workflow and synergy of all kind of values into our way of doing business and adopted the Balinese script to interpret the culture of Bali.

SHL Asia has set a milestone of completion of all the years being in the business into landscape and architecture projects. Few of the foot notes so far are our International resort project in Malaysia and India, a publication in Tang Art Magazine and Best of Bali 2012, and 1st Winner Hotel Landscape Competition Planning in Nusa Dua. Even after all these years, SHL Asia will keep striving in making beautiful designs and delivering the best service to the client.

Everyone is unique, so is each of our clients. They have their personal definition of beauty and space. Our service and design will accommodate the need of our client and translate these abstract perceptions into excellent design experience, both in landscape and architecture space.

Landscape and architecture are two elements that must be seen as unity. SHL Asia always endeavors to create harmony between outer and inner space. We believe by giving more attention on user convenience combined with respect to nature, culture, and activities contained will add more value on every project we work on.