The Story

SHL Asia is a Bali based consultant, specializing in landscape, architecture and artwork design. The two founders and principals, Kadek Sasta and Jung Yat, along with the latest appointed principal, Anang Rahman, share the same vision on landscape architecture design. Since then, SHL Asia continuously produces designs for boutique resorts, spa, hotel and private villas. 

“The Campuhan Script.” Campuhan basically means “where the two rivers meet,” it is considered a sacred area that contains positive energy. Campuhan philosophy is a vital key of SHL Asia, it represents the creative workflow and synergy of all kind of values into our way of doing business as well as into our service and products. We adopted the Balinese script to interpret the culture of Bali as in society and design. The letter (lower case) “a/ha” in a Balinese kawi script (as in our logo) represents our goal in delivering an A-grade services and products but still grounded and humble.

Our initial mission is to realize what the clients, operators and the market desire. We believe everyone is unique, so is each one of them. They have their personal definition of beauty and space. We then translate these abstract perceptions into excellent design experience. Our service and design will accommodate the need of our client because we strive to more than just create a design that fits to one but also deliver the whole package.

Landscape and architecture are two elements that must be seen as unity. SHL Asia always endeavors to create harmony between outer and inner space. We believe by giving more attention on user convenience combined with respect to nature, culture, and activities contained will add more value on every project we work on.