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On March 21st, we were invited to the Housewarming Party for the Grand Opening of Hyatt Regency Bali in Sanur. The resort had gone under a renovation since late 2013 and finally revived after 5 long awaited years. Being loved for an international resort with its traditional Indonesian style and design, the resort reopened with better and fresher look this time. It is back and upgraded to its premium brand, Hyatt Regency Bali.

Previously named Bali Hyatt, it has got to be one of the first pioneers’ of upscale international resorts in Bali. It presence had elevated the standard of resorts in the island. The majestic garden of Bali Hyatt was the heritage of the famous tropical landscape artist, the late Made Wijaya. It spread on a 9 hectares land with a picturesque hundred of meters white sand beach-front view. We were fortunate enough to be participated in the renovation process along with other well-known names, such Tierra Design of Bangkok in architecture and a collaboration landscape work with Rimba Bali Garden.

Bali Hyatt has always known for its Bali charm. The architecture and especially Hyatt’s garden is such a masterpiece and truly reflects the Bali feel. It has always given the old nostalgia feeling to the guests. Anang Rahman, one of the principals of SHL Asia, had been trusted in handling this project with Ketut Suratman of Rimba Bali Garden. The landscape team collaborated in bringing back again the nuance of the past through the renovation of the famous Hyatt’s garden. The overall design and concept has already astonishing thus we did not want to drift away from its original concept. The purpose of the renovation was not to change, but only to restore what was there.

For the landscape design plan we added few touches to give the landscape a new life. We added plenty of local plants to resuscitate the tropical lush haven of Hyatt Garden. We preserved most of the existing plants, especially the mature ones, including (but not limited to)Tabebuia trees (Tabebuia chrysanta), Sacred Fig trees (Ficus religiosa) and lots of Frangipanis (Plumeria). We also initiated ‘Bali Forest’ as part of the Hyatt’s garden. The area is aimed to be the home and conversation area for some of the rarest and endangered local plants.

One of the existing trees in Hyatt’s garden.

So as preserving most of the original artworks throughout the resorts, we did not replace the artworks. Though it wasn’t possible to create the exact same artworks, what we did was to make the replica with similar design and style with the existing artworks. In result, the overall design blends really well, the original and the new ones. The resort is refreshed but still does not miss the nostalgic Bali vibe.

The restoration of Hyatt Regency Bali has finally finished and it is now open for public. We are pleased to be involved in the renovation process of one of the most iconic architecture in Bali. Moreover to take on and preserving the work of a legendary landscape artist in Bali hospitality, we feel challenged but truly honored.

SHL Asia Team