SHL Asia

The series of events for SHL Asia’s 13th anniversary was held with a different concept than previous years. It commenced on June 17, 2023, through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in collaboration with Rumah Harapan Indonesia (Bali) . This was followed by a mindset seminar attended by the entire SHL Asia team, and to enhance collaboration and teamwork, we also organized a team-building activity at Eka Raya Garden in Bedugul. The grand finale was the SHL Asia anniversary celebration on July 27, 2023.

#SHLAsiaBerARTi, the theme we embraced, carries the meaning of “Creating From the Heart.” (Berkarya Dari Hati). Rumah Harapan Indonesia (RHI) is a free shelter for sick children aged 0-17 who come from financially disadvantaged families residing in rural areas and are referred to major city hospitals for treatment. Through the “ART” project, we invited all the children to express their dreams through “art” and make a positive impact.

This collaboration with RHI Bali marks our first initiative, and the final artworks will be sold, with the proceeds donated in their entirety. We express our gratitude to the generous donors who contributed to Rumah Harapan Indonesia Bali Branch through the #SHLAsiaBerARTi CSR program. Through the purchase of their artwork, we have created with heart and delivered a positive influence through art. We sincerely appreciate your support through your donations. Together, we have become part of a tangible change in the lives of children at Rumah Harapan Indonesia (Bali). Every donation and artwork you purchase brings new hope, helps fulfill their dreams, and inspires them to achieve a better future.

With the spirit of #SHLAsiaBerARTi, SHL Asia is committed to continuously contributing to society and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by delivering a positive impact through meaningful CSR programs for those in need.