SHL Asia

We share a common interest in exploring the treasures of Nusantara, embracing its philosophy and adopting a mindful approach to nature.

We are very proud to announce that we have been invited to contribute to the Harvard Business School Reunion that took place at Desa Potato Head in Seminyak at May the 5th.

Our client, Meccaya, entrusted us to introduce Balinese culture to Harvard alumni during their reunion tour in Bali, alongside our project in Magelang. A joyful exchange of ideas between the two cultures—Chinese and Nusantara—resulted in fruitful insights for everybody.

We share a common interest in exploring the treasures of Nusantara, embracing its philosophy and adopting a mindful approach to nature. For instance, Desa Kala Patra, our foundational principle, which we firmly grasp throughout our design.

Sasta Jelantik, our Director of Operations, took the stage to represent our culture, philosophy, and the spirit of a Balinese. He captured the audience’s attention when he mentioned ‘Karang Awak,’ a philosophy from Ida Pedande Made Sidemen, about enriching our inner selves despite the lack of material possessions.

Afterward, Oryza Irawan took part in explaining our current project with Meccaya, our client. He is currently leading the design team of Padmastana Hotel & Resorts, located in Magelang, Central Java. He represents both SHL Asia and the Meccaya team in inviting Harvard alumni as investors for this cultural project.

Ricky Surya Prakasa, CEO of Meccaya, is most energetic when discussing this project. With his belief that this cultural project will significantly raise awareness of the Nusantara civilization, he successfully persuades the audience to take a closer look and become aware of our advanced ancient civilization, marked by the construction of Borobudur Temple. Together with Ferry Salim, the brand ambassador of Meccaya, they both invite Harvard alumni to take part in this cultural project and preserve the heritage of Nusantara throughout modernity. With his elegance, Ferry Salim successfully attracts the interest of the alumni.

As cultural agents representing our heritage to a foreign audience, SHL Asia is eager to ensure that Harvard alumni depart with a memorable souvenir. For all attendees, we provided our culture book ‘Timeless Harmony,’ complete with personal messages and autographs. SHL Asia and Meccaya believe that this book will leave a lasting impression on Nusantara culture. It serves as a tangible reminder of the essence of our event—a cultural exchange.

Eventually, amidst the ever-faster pace and advancement of technology, we hope that there is still room for Nusantara culture to flourish, preserving heritage and shaping the next generations. This culture is encapsulated within timeless design and harmonized with its surroundings—just like our book embodies, Timeless Harmony.

Here’s to a joyous reunion, bringing together Meccaya and esteemed Harvard alumni! Wishing you all a wonderful and memorable gathering filled with shared experiences and meaningful connections.