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shl asia architecture landscape artwork

Finally, we are arrived at the end of 2019, another more year before the decade ends. It has been a crazy journey for SHL Asia team. Not only we parted with some of our friends but we introduced with more new friends. We managed to accomplish some things we didn’t do the year before and even achieved unexpected things. Here is the  SHL Asia 2019 rewind

We started off this year with few architecture exhibitions, SERASI by IAI Bali and Bali Architecture Week initiated by Popo Danes. We exhibited some of our ongoing projects and shared them with public. Meanwhile, our project in Natuna Island, Jelita Sejuba Resort, began its construction work after we previously flew off and had our first ever site visit to that beautiful island. On March, our collaboration landscape project in Sanur, Hyatt Regency Bali, with Ketut Suratman from Rimba Bali and Tierra Design had finally finished its renovation. The landscape presents the ambience of nostalgic Bali, we could not be more thrilled with the result.

shl asia hyatt regency bali

A month later we got another chance to come back to Natuna Island for site inspection, although there were some issues on site there was not anything major and the progress is still going well until now. After months of designing and building, we finally moved to our new office studio, Workspace and Culture in May. It was not 100% done yet but we managed to get things done after some time. We feel really good about and definitely look a lot more representative with WAC. A month later, our office was packed with interns, the most we had in the history of SHL Asia. We had 7 interns, with 3 of them from abroad (Netherland and France). We felt really merry in the first half of 2019.

shl asia architecture landscape artwork

The second half of this year was even better with our participation in IAI Bali Award 2019 and finally got nominated. One of our projects, Folk Pool & Garden, was then announced to have won the award in restaurant category. This award was meant for all the team not just 1-2 people in the company so we were really proud of it. Not to mention, we got a surprise news on our landscape project in Citadines Hotel Berawa has won Indonesia Property Award and later another winning on Asia property Award. The joy was real and we couldn’t be happier for SHL Asia team as well as our client that has been super cooperative.

shl asia architecture landscape artwork

We also got the opportunity to be featured in the Yak magazine on their printed and online platform in their September issue. While all that was happening, our projects kept going at the same time. The architecture project in Ubud, Adiwana Jeevalokha, did their Groundbreaking ceremony in October. We are very excited about the project to be completed smoothly. Another our project is Blackpenny Sunset Bar that just recently had their opening night.  It is a restaurant and pizza located in Gili Trawangan, Lombok Islands with the view of sunset and white sand beach.

shl asia architecture landscape artwork

These are just some highlights of 2019 since we could not mention everything one by one. One word is not enough to sum 2019 up for SHL Asia. But to underline is we either made progress or learned something from trials and errors in the past year. No such thing is perfect and we can only try our best to make things happen. As always, we keep on aiming to deliver better service, design and product while creating balance between human and nature. Furthermore, we would like to express highest gratitude to all partners, clients and friends that have been walking by our side. Here is to 2020!


SHL Asia team