SHL Asia

This year we celebrated our 9th year being in the industry. Wow. It is almost a decade we are serving the architecture and landscape hospitality design. It honestly feels like it was just some time ago we wrote our gratitude and celebration of the 8th year anniversary and now here we are, older, more mature and (hopefully) better.

9 years is not a long time for an architecture firm yet it is established enough to already know what direction it is heading to. Of course, it was not an instant result for us but we do learn in the process. A number of trials and errors are necessary but also accomplishments that have made us to keep going.

It seems like we have not gone far, but looking back made us realize of all of our achievements – small or big – that have shape us into the SHL Asia today. Other than that we do owe to a lot of people that have helped us along the journey – clients, respected partners and loyal friends – who have been with us since day one or who we met on the way until now.

27 July marked the exact birthday date of SHL Asia, but due to some reasons (including the Galungan and Kuningan Holiday) we had to push back the party to first week of August, so everyone could come and celebrate it together. We did not think anything fancy, just an intimate celebration with all the team. So instead of going out finding restaurant, we chose Workspace and Culture as our venue.

Since we also just moved to Workspace and Culture, it could also be another thing to celebrate it. We chose to celebrate this special day in this special place. We shared many things from work to life lesson between all team members like a family. On this day, besides celebrating our anniversary, we celebrated so many things and overall we were just being grateful of all this 9 years.

SHL Asia team