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Did you know?

In Indonesia, 18th of March is commemorated as Architectural Day?? We reckon not many people aware of this, as it is not as popular or not reported as much. Although it has been recognized by the government, but how about the people itself?. It is really unfortunate that a lot of people still very unfamiliar with this. The unpopularity of architectural day could be because some people still view architecture as complicated matters. Many of them think it only belongs to some group of people, which is very much limited and exclusive. How many people actually talk about architecture, façade, or building materials?

Little did we know, architecture is a lot simpler and closer to us on a daily basis. A quick example is the increasing usage of social media like Instagram. Majority of people would look for aesthetically pleasing building designs or unique building features for their Instagram post. Which is very much the art. So to say architecture is only about technical isn’t all true. And It is a lot more common than most people think.

Architecture for Indonesia

With that said, even though Architectural Day is not celebrated as national holiday, but Indonesia as a nation still has to appreciate the history and work of architectures. The map of Indonesian architecture, of course cannot be separated from the role of architects. They have had designed and built architectural works across the country that have become part of people and culture of Indonesia. We too, would like to contribute in producing architecture designs that are appropriate and beneficial for Indonesia, functionally and culturally.

While we are on this topic, this month’s article will features one of our architecture projects located in Jimbaran, Bali. We have done not only landscape projects in the past, but also quite a few architectural projects. This architecture project was somewhat special as it was quite challenging for us. Jimbaran Bay Beach resort and spa was a project that took a bit more effort in the designing process. Since we specialized in landscape design, we normally play around with big space and contour. While the original site of Jimbaran Bay beach was limited and there was almost no space for landscape area. Therefore we needed to design a building with limited space but still look spacious and of course with greenery involved.

The trick we used

was applied an open space concept and shied away from installing too many walls and windows. We created high ceiling lobby and semi outdoor restaurant. Their function was to make the illusion of a bigger space as they are connected to the outdoor area. The concept also encourages the air flow at the ground level to relieve the high humidity in the tropical climate. In the other hand, there was not much space left for the landscape area. So we planted greenery and vines along the wall and the building itself.

We wanted to bring out the Bali contemporary concept to the building by using a lot of local textures and material. We played with a lot of wood accents, bricks and natural stone. The contemporary concept is coming from the application of local materials in slightly more modern manner. For example the utilization of sandstone carved in to a contemporary floral design as artwork. Since architecture is also a form of art, we placed pieces of artworks all over the site enhancing the experience for guests and to satisfy their desire for art.

All things considered, with this project we would like to also contribute to the Indonesian map of architecture. We appreciate the works all Indonesian architects have done. They have given a significant impact to the history and community. Therefore as a part of it, we strive to also produce designs and architecture that will suitable and fulfill the need of Indonesian people and culture now and also in the future.


SHL Asia team