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Welcome 2018.

It is crazy how time just flies, as January 2018 has almost come to an end. So many things have happened last year, people came and some also left, we have made so many memories together as a team as well as with the respected partners and clients. The exciting part for us has always the thrilled of presenting insights and ideas of how diverse the design for hospitality sector can be. Although it could be a challenge for us, but that what keeps us think outside the box. We are always able to explore and get creative with the ever changing concept of hospitality design.

To include every bit of 2017, one article definitely will not be enough. So here by are some highlights from last year achievements. We have made several exciting new project deals for the upcoming years, few of them are Hyatt Regency Bali, Natya Resort & Spa Tanah Lot, and Bisma Garden. Couple of our finished projects in 2017, including Folk Pool & Garden and Natya Resort & Spa both is located in Ubud, Bali. Folk Pool & Garden is located right at the heart of Ubud. If you stroll along the Monkey Forest Street, you could easily find the “Folk” sign with its strong ‘local’ vibe. The restaurant has expanded with the addition of pool and garden making the place a perfect oasis and hidden retreat from the bustling of the street.

A Humble Hidden Oasis…

The concept we would want to bring out is the rustic feel with the use of recycled materials such as used Ulin wood, used trellis and steel screen, and old asbestos that would really give that local, humble atmosphere to this all-in-one hangout place. We constructed the pool big enough so people can swim back and forth, we also added some spots where they can elevate their experiences by taking their meals and martinis in the pool or at the bar and day bed by the poolside. The garden itself is arranged with lots of trees and bushes around the edges, and vines on the dining area, keeping it very tropical. The garden is decorated with a hammock in the corner and colorful bean bags and beach chairs along with old metal barrel for their tables.

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Exclusiveness At Its Finest…

Our next finished project from 2017 is Natya Resort & Spa located in Ubud, Bali. Just like any other Natya Hotel & Resort in Bali, this one in Ubud is also bringing the feeling of exclusiveness because of its location. The landscape design is the combination of tropical vibe with traditional Balinese accent. We used many of the natural elements such as rocks to make artwork, water feature, carving wall, buggy way, and pattern floor and woods usage for another water features and frameworks of pergolas all over the resort.

The Balinese touch comes from the exterior of the landscape such as lamp cases built from traditional chicken cages and temple-like statues and reliefs that are placed in many spots within the resort. The noticeable vast green scenery is added with variant of tropical trees and plants. For full insight of this beautiful resort, check out our landscape design video down below

Wrapping up 2017, we gathered up for the end year get together. We celebrated a year that has passed and we welcomed a more exciting and hopeful New Year of 2018.

This year too, please do look forward on our exciting projects. We will be working on Hyatt Regency in Sanur, Tanadewa Resort & Spa in Ubud, and Buugan Village Resort & Spa in Gianyar.

We will also be welcoming new team members, visiting new places and definitely presenting a better, fresher designs and services.


SHL Asia Team