SHL Asia

In this year, SHL Asia celebrates its 13th anniversary with a fresh and distinct concept from previous years. With the spirit of #SHLAsiaBerARTi, the company showcases their commitment to contributing to society and making a positive impact through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. This event not only commemorates SHL Asia’s achievements but also highlights the significant meaning of creating with heart.

The event series commenced on June 17, 2023, with the implementation of a highly meaningful CSR program. SHL Asia collaborated with Rumah Harapan Indonesia (RHI) in Bali, a free sanctuary for underprivileged sick children in rural areas. This program marks the first step of the partnership with RHI Bali, aiming to provide positive contributions to the community in need.

The #SHLAsiaBerARTi theme adopted by the company holds a profound meaning, “Creating From the Heart.” This resonates with their partnership spirit with RHI Bali. RHI serves as a refuge for sick children, and through the “ART” project, SHL Asia invites these children to express their dreams through art. This is a beautiful way to bring a positive impact into their lives. The collaborative results manifest as artworks that will ultimately be sold, with the entire proceeds donated back to RHI Bali.

On August 16, 2023, SHL Asia symbolically handed over the accumulated donation results to RHI Bali. The total funds gathered reached IDR 11,329,705. Special appreciation was extended to generous donors who contributed through the #SHLAsiaBerARTi CSR program. Through art purchases, they’ve actively participated in creating a positive impact and inspiring others through art.

In the spirit of #SHLAsiaBerARTi, SHL Asia reiterates its commitment to continually contribute and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. Through meaningful CSR programs, the company seeks to perpetuate positive change for those in need, offering new hope and inspiration for a better future.