SHL Asia

SHL Asia is celebrating a special moment this year as it turns 13 years old. The birthday celebration this time is held with a different concept from previous years. The theme of this celebration is “SHL Asia Team Building Outbound,” which is one of the events leading up to the 13th-anniversary commemoration of SHL Asia.

The celebration took place on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at the Bedugul Botanical Garden. The event was attended by the entire SHL Asia team, which has grown to sixty-five people, coming together as one big family. The spirit of #SHLASIAPEOPLE continues to grow and strengthen, creating a close sense of togetherness among all team members.

The event has two main objectives: first, to enhance teamwork among the team members, and second, to train them in developing leadership skills so that they are prepared to become leaders within SHL Asia.

In order to achieve these goals, SHL Asia collaborated with a team of professionals specializing in team building. This team presented engaging and enjoyable team games, specially designed to foster a spirit of cooperation. The activities included collaborative challenges, business simulation scenarios, and role-playing exercises. All these activities aimed to teach the importance of collaboration in achieving common goals.

Besides fostering teamwork, the event also aimed to train team members in effective communication processes. Strong communication skills are vital in maintaining relationships with SHL Asia’s clients. By honing their communication abilities, it is hoped that the team can better convey information to clients, understand their needs, and provide appropriate solutions.

In a lively and joyful atmosphere, this 13th-anniversary celebration of SHL Asia successfully united the entire team into a stronger unit. All team members actively participated in various activities and happily shared their experiences and knowledge. The celebration became a precious moment to strengthen interpersonal relationships among all team members and enhance their sense of togetherness