SHL Asia

Stories of SHL Asia Interns: Unity in Diversity

They all come from different cities – some of them from another country. They have different age and speak different language. Each one of them has different story to tell but most importantly they share the same experience in SHL Asia. It was the most number we had intern here in SHL Asia and our Workspace and Culture had gotten merrier. Listen closely to each story they have for us:

Anouk Gloudemans.

Hello, I am Anouk from the Netherlands. I enjoy going out with friends and playing with my dog in my spare time. I am currently in my third year of landscape engineering program in HAS University of Applied Sciences. Internship abroad is mandatory in my school because they think it will boost our resume as well as improve our personality. Since we need to arrange everything by ourselves, be independent and live in a completely different culture and language, I think it does help us developing different life skills.

I have always wanted to come to Bali, the beautiful nature, the rich culture and of course its sunny weather that has sold me. Then I heard about SHL Asia from the student who came here last year, Carmen Van Vroonhoven. She told me about her internship here and how much she had a great time in those 4 months, so it was really a win-win situation for me.

During my intern program here, I have assisted in several projects like making plant lists for Andaz and Byrdhouse project. I also worked with Atria in Noble Cove project. I have visited some of your on the go construction projects like Bisma Garden in Ubud. It is very interesting to see how different everything is. With my experience here, I feel like my Sketch Up has gotten a lot better, I can now work with Lumion where haven’t worked with before, and especially my knowledge of tropical plants has absolutely broaden. Most importantly, I am so thankful to have this opportunity and met the amazing people here.

Cindy Claudia Prawitasari Yusuf

Hi, my name is Cindy and I am from Surabaya, East Java.  I was born and raised there and eventually moved to Bandung in 2015 for my University study. Currently I am taking architecture engineering in ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology). In my school, students are required to take internship program in their last year of study for a minimum of 2 months period.

At first I didn’t intend coming to Bali for my internship program, but then I talked to some people and they encouraged me to do so. I spent a whole day reaching out to some companies but SHL Asia was the fastest to respond so here I am. I think it was definitely for the better. I have been involved helping to do some coloring plans for Blackpenny and Nakula suites projects – I also did some construction drawings. For me what improve the most throughout my program is certainly my software skill, mainly Sketch Up, AutoCad and Photoshop. The guys taught me so much more other than what I have learned in class room and I feel lucky to experience this.

Loann Jarry-Marris

Hi, my name is Loann. I was born and grew up in Normandy in the north of France. I am currently taking landscape engineering program in ISA Lille. Back at home, I used to do sports like gymnastic and cross. I work and study at the same time. My program allows us to work in a landscape company – in a month I have 3 weeks in the company and 1 week in school. During our study, we have to take internship abroad to be able to graduate and speak better English.

At first I was mesmerized by the different culture here in Indonesia and in Asia generally. It is so different than in Europe, the people, the food, religion and especially the weather here in Bali. That was what attracts me most. Then I found SHL Asia after me and Theo, my intern friend, searched online. We found SHL Asia website and interested right away. It has been really fun. Since the company I worked in back at home only do construction and more on-site work, here I have been learning more about the designing process. I improve my skill in software program and certainly broaden my knowledge about tropical plants. Personally I am really impressed by SHL Asia’s landscape work in Kapungkur Villa and Hyatt Regency – both are very lush and striking

Theo Amiot

Hello, my name is Theo. I am from France, from the city near Paris. I went to study in Lille where it is located in the northern France. During my spare time, I like to watch sport and hang out with friends to Paris. I take landscape engineering program in the period of 3 years. The program is generally about how we manage a landscape company for garden and green spaces. They encourage us to take internship in foreign countries where we can practice our English.

Loann and I always wanted to go to Bali  to explore and discover different culture. Other than that, Bali is also famous for its tropical garden and the variety of tropical plants which are completely different than in France/Europe. We found SHL Asia’s website after we looked on few different landscape Design Companies in Bali, aside from hearing about you from the 2017 intern alumni. We were interested at some of the project pictures in the website, and especially the team mates that look young and fun! We are not disappointed. They are all very nice and helpful.

I think the working culture is very different- I love how they can express themselves and having open discussion about work in the studio. They also have been helping a lot teaching me new software programs like SketchUp, Photoshop and Lumion and letting me involved in on the project like, Kamala Resort & Spa. I have been to a couple of SHL Asia projects and I like how they look which is very natural and green, very different that most villas in France.

Tri Handoko

Halo, my name is Tri and I am 22 years old. Although my mother came from Singaraja, Bali and my father is Javanese but I grew up in Palu, Central Sulawesi. In 2015, I moved to Bali and took a diploma degree in informatics before finally moved to East Java in 2016 to study architecture engineering in National Institute of Technology Malang. Students need to take internship program for two months – normally during the semester break between 6th and 7th semester in a form of either in a project/Construction Company, Consultant Company or a research program.

Since I still have family and relatives in Bali, I thought why not here because I have already felt familiar with the city. I came here with two of my friends as they asked me to join them interning in SHL Asia. I started the program early July and was really glad to take part in their projects right away. I mostly have been helping on the leveling and helping on the development and construction drawing using AutoCad software. There are so many things I have been picking up since the day I start, mainly my software skill where they taught me how to work faster and more efficient. I can also notice the difference from just learning in class to be in a real-working environment. It prepares me so much for what is to come.


Halo, let me introduce myself. My name is Rika and I am from Samarinda, East Borneo. I am here for my internship program with my friends, Tri and Vera. I first got into university and took pharmacy program for one semester. Because I got sick for a while, I quitted and applied for architecture engineering program a year later in 2016 in National Institute of Technology in Malang. I have never been to Bali before but since Malang is close to Bali, I finally visited Bali a couple times before I accepted my friend’s offer to have internship program here. I really like the ambience in Bali and how it sort of feel like home to me.

It has been three weeks – I have been assigned to make sections for Kamala and Adhiwana Jeevaloka projects. I also helped on making planting lists for Natya Tanah Lot project. It is very interesting exploring new things I have not done before. I am also very thankful of the team that has taught me many things. I realized classroom is not always a four walls space and we can actually learn everywhere. Since I have been interning here, I noticed a huge difference between students and the working world. Here we are required to be responsible for our tasks and actually finish them on time. While in school, we can still take things easy and guided by the lecturers. I truly value this experience.

Kadek Vera Septiari

Hi, I am Vera from Singaraja, Bali. I am studying architecture engineering program in faculty of civil engineering, National Institute of Technology Malang. I am here for my internship program with my two friends, Tri and Rika. We are obligated to take an intern program before we take conceptual study in semester 7. I think it is beneficial to know this experience before moving on to conceptual and (bachelor) thesis. I wanted to take internship program here because I am a Balinese and went to vocational school in Denpasar. I heard of SHL Asia from my friend that had worked here before – then I went online to check on their works and really excited to find out that they are focusing in hospitality design.

I have always wanted to explore more about hospitality architecture since I was assigned to design a villa back in semester 4. It is truly an opportunity to be able to watch closely the designing process of a hospitality landscape and architecture. I have been helping to make the modelling design for Citadine Hotel, Kamala and Adhiwana project. Now my 3D designing skill in SketchUp is improving as well as my 2D skill, and especially my knowledge about hospitality design.