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Welcome to Cloud Nine

The amazing fertility of the Balinese soil has accorded the Balinese a lot of leisure time, aside from their work as peasants, and stimulated their imagination and creativity. They would channel their creativity in such artistic ways even down on to their daily activities, such as the art of making offerings and the custom of rituals and ceremonies. Blessed with breathtaking nature and rich culture makes Bali is a hotspot for a restful and relaxing retreat. No wonder numerous lavish resorts and polished villas spring in every corner of the island, making it the island of hospitality, as well as a luxurious vacation destination. Breaking the stereotype of “luxury villa”, Cloud Nine Esatate is one of our landscape projects in Ubud has proven to portray a new approach to luxury hospitality.

Tucked in a cliff top of Ubud, Cloud Nine Estate may not look as it seems from the outside. It is veiled from the bustling crowd of people, away from the hustle of downtown Ubud, a hidden gem amidst the lush greens of Ubud. From the main road, the guests follow a mossy stairway down to the estate; and are served a million dollar view of the massive Wos River and valley.  The estate consists of 3 different houses at the moment (who knows if they would expand anytime soon!), named Star Cloud Villa, Lotus Cloud Villa and Angel Cloud is a two storey villa comprising three suites – Anjali, Tara and Dewi suite. We made each villa to have a different focal point and unique features, like the amazing cliff edge panoramic view, the beautiful tropical garden or a direct access to the infinity shared pool.

We designed the landscape to be as eye-catching to complement the whole concept really well. The first impression guests receive on arrival is an all-white themed angkul-angkul (Balinese gate) and boundary wall that somewhat reminds them of arriving at a dreamy peaceful sanctuary. We felt the color white really brings out ‘the Cloud Nine’ vibe down to the every boundary wall and pathway, as it also stands out among the greens surrounding the estate. A “heavenly” feeling… That was exactly what the client wished to deliver to the guests, for them to experience ultimate calmness and tranquility as they enter the Cloud Nine, therefore we assisted them to achieve this.

Luxury at its finest

Cloud Nine mission is to redefine luxury. What exactly is the meaning of “redefining luxury?” A fancy chandelier, some high-tech facilities or marbled floor and tables will come up in a lot of people’s mind when they think of luxury resort, but it is different when it comes to the Cloud Nine Estate. Cloud Nine Estate aims to re conceptualize luxury as so much more than fancy things, luxury that is found in the smallest and simplest details.Things like hand-picked vegetable from the garden, the personal care and connection from people of the village and the vibrant sound of nature waking you up in the morning. In short, it is something that is felt by the heart. We loved the idea and delighted to help them making it come true through our landscape design.

The timeless echo architecture

The architecture of their buildings was inspired from the owner previous home in Singapore with big walls and monochromatic color of white and grey. It was a colonial tropical villa that has lasted since World War I. It lasted without the need for much maintenance or changing of materials. The building was showcasing many eco-architectural features such as cross-ventilation and strategic shading. The houses applied simple yet strong materials with a lot of white polished cement.

The landscape of course, synergized the concept of the building. We inspired to bring in the simplicity of localness from one of the traditional villages. It is designed with massive walls and few plantations. We kept it to be very simple yet eye-catching, with only a touch of green plants and trees amidst the white washed ocean of walls and floors. On the landscape, we applied white terrazzo as the pathway and a little touch of woods on the decks. Even with the artworks and design features, the clients involved so much in the process, carefully hand-picking them to create a harmonious atmosphere and we helped them creating the design that contains of local story. We also made sure to not ruin the aesthetic by adding to much color to the whole picture.

Embraced by the sturdy old colonial houses, the client wished for the villa to be long lasting with a minimum amount of maintenance and remodeling. The overall design is very timeless and eco-friendly. We have worked together to apply the concept very neatly in every aspect of the estate and consistently practice in to every slight detail, proven why they are the global winner for the luxury eco villa. Cloud Nine Estate manage to accentuate the luxury in the simplest thing in life and deliver them splendidly to the guest, since truly the best things in life are often felt by heart. We are so thrilled to be involved in such an inspiring project.


SHL Asia Team