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We are proud to present a project very close to our hearts as we invite you to explore Villa Cahya. A magnificent tropical Villa Estate concept masterfully appointed for a lifestyle experience.

Enter a world of effortless elegance, where vintage charm and classic sophistication blend seamlessly with the lush embrace of the Balinese jungle. Situated on the doorstep of Bali’s vibrant cultural hub of Ubud, Villa Cahya goes beyond just architecture, embodying a celebration of artistic beauty, sensory harmony, and exquisite living.

The opportunity is also now available to invest in this magnificent project. With a comprehensive development plan, complete management & operations strategy, and attractive Return on Investment structure, the Villa Cahya Estate offers an excellent business & lifestyle choice. Read to the end for more details on how you can express your interest.

The Development Approach: Conceptualising a timeless classic.

The challenge was provided for the SHL Team to create a truly engrossing, expansive and feature-rich private paradise for large families or holiday groups to spend unforgettable and extended quality time together in serene, relaxed luxury. Expressed through the stylings of a Classic, Vintage, and Industrial motif, against the backdrop of the emerald jungle, the opportunity was ripe for this masterpiece of tropical living to emerge.

Setting the stage perfectly for such an endeavour is the outstanding location. The Villa Cahya site is perched high on an awe-inspiring 2285m2 block with spectacular jungle vistas over the expansive Petanu River Valley. With a west-facing aspect offering glorious sunlight hours from late morning through to the dazzling sunsets in the evening, the location provides the perfect architectural canvas for this extraordinary property development.

Some of our deeper considerations in delivering the Villa Cahya project are as follows;

Feature richness: Ultimate lifestyle indulgence.

The estate showcases 5 levels of superb features across 822m2 of Floorspace, with an additional 1041m2 of divine landscaped jungle gardens. With alternative layout options available, the maximum 5-bedroom / 6-bathroom configuration is so meticulously and abundantly appointed the notion of leaving the property may not even cross one’s mind.

Highlighted features include; The Iron Bridge Entrance (modelled on Ubud’s Old Tjamphuan Bridge), Entrance Gallery, Heritage style Cinema & Wine Cellar, Grassed Firepit Terrace, Private Waterfall Pavilion with Jacuzzi, Cold Plunge & Sauna, and so much more.

Why Classic, Vintage, Industrial?

Villa Cahya has been developed in Classic, Vintage & Industrial design theory because it is timeless. Classic never goes out of style. This ensures the property always remains stylish, and relevant and never falls out of fashion even as the decades pass by.

Careful consideration must also go towards the long-term management of the property in regards to the demanding elements of the Balinese tropical environment. As modern properties quickly become prematurely and significantly aged beyond their years and require extensive upkeep, Villa Cahya embraces nature’s qualities. As is the nature of the vintage yesteryear motifs, we encourage the materials to become aged, the elements to take hold, and the jungle to merge with the property. As the grounds become more established, so too shall the character & charm. This serves to significantly decrease the ongoing cost of upkeep and increase the value of the property overtime, as opposed to properties failing to make this long-term consideration.

In flow with nature.

Villa Cahya thoughtfully merges elegant classic design with the enchanting Balinese jungle environment, focusing on sustainability, aesthetics, and ethics. In parallel with the classic design theory, as the natural elements of the property mature, its charm and value also increase, accentuating the fusion of nature with the beautiful lifestyle design more so over time.

The Architecture and landscape design blend seamlessly with natural elements, creating a tranquil immersion and an ever-present connection to nature. Paramount to the development is the preservation of all the old-growth trees on the property, maintaining the natural splendour while establishing the grounds from day one. From the moment you arrive, you will feel embraced by nature’s healing qualities throughout the estate.

A celebration of cultures.

The pursuit for the finer things in life should be a universal search for that which captures the true essence of taste and refinement. We celebrate this without borders, where a rich tapestry of international design flavours comes together. Blending Western vintage industrial motifs with cultural influences from exotic artisan craftsmanship from all corners of the earth, Villa Cahya is a truly international affair.

The property features carefully selected materials and art from Bali, Java, Lombok and beyond. With Indian Slate, Moroccan Glass Tiles, and Arabic, Mexican & Iranian soft furnishings, Villa Cahya is a mesmerizing statement of worldly charm, offering a feast for the senses from around the globe.

Fashion & function.

In addition to its aesthetic grandeur, Villa Cahya prioritises comfort and convenience. Every aspect of the design, from maximizing the breathtaking views to the thoughtful placement of your morning coffee, everything has been meticulously planned. Cleverly concealed features also surprise and delight, enhancing the property’s eclectic appeal.

The dual-purpose nature of the property, serving as both a family home and holiday rental, is carefully considered. All common areas are designed to facilitate quality time for families or large holiday groups. Staff workflows are also thoughtfully configured for maximum efficiency and discretion, ensuring a positive experience for both guests and the onsite team.

Dual purpose living: The Family Home.

There is no greater priority in life than the well-being and quality of life of your family. Situated close to the conveniences of the bustling Ubud town centre, famed for its warm, conscious, hospitable nature, yet nestled in the serenity of bountiful nature, there is no more wholesome place for the enrichment of the family.

The spacious estate caters to large families, providing ample space for quality time together or apart. With alternative layout options to cater to your specific needs, Villa Cahya ensures comfort and flexibility for families, whether it serves as a permanent residence or a home away from home.

Dual purpose living: The Luxury Holiday Estate.

Doubling as an exquisite luxury holiday destination, Villa Cahya is configured towards large groups of up to 10 guests, offering ample space for intimate moments or group celebrations. From lazing together in the Waterfall Pavilion, a banquet in the Dining Area, enjoying a nightcap in the Living Area or gathering around the Firepit under the stars, Villa Cahya is configured for optimal group interaction. The villa is designed for an easy transition from private home to rental status, and with a comprehensive management plan, owners can expect a seamless investment experience and generous returns, whether as a full-time rental property or a part-time home.

The ‘Extended Turnkey’ opportunity.

Now available for investment, this incredibly unique Off-plan ‘Extended Turnkey’ luxury Villa development is also packaged with a comprehensive operations & management plan, hosted by the leading hospitality operations group, ‘Lead Luxury Management’. With a projected 8-year Return on Investment plan at an average return of 12.5% per annum, this exquisite estate is positioned to provide a very sensible investment opportunity and superb lifestyle choice.

To find out more and express your interest in the Villa Cahya Estate opportunity, contact our sales team by Phone or WhatsApp at +62 85100666991