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shl asia architecture landscape interior lighting artwork

New year has yet brought new things to SHL Asia. Started from January 2022, we have welcomed the new principal of landscape design, Alco Alisyaq, to replace Atriawardhani, who sadly had to part ways with SHL Asia people. Alco has almost a decade of experience in landscape design and has previously worked in an internationally renowned landscape design consultant before finally joining SHL Asia. The past couple months was a transitioning period for Alco and now he is officially at your service, joining with Anang Rahman, as the Principal of Landscape Design of SHL Asia. We are thrilled to welcome Alco to the family along with other principals and make more exquisite landscape designs with the dynamic duo of Anang and Alco. Let’s get to know Alco better from his experience, his view on landscape as well as his future plan. 

shl asia architecture landscape interior lighting artwork
The Principal of SHL Asia

Alco was born in a small town of Singaraja in north of Bali. He moved to the big city of Surabaya when he was little and grew up in the city. Not until elementary school, he moved back to Bali to live in a small cluster by the sea with his family. Being close to nature, Alco started to enjoy exploring the area. He saw nature as his playground as he often went on adventure trying on new things from motorbike touring, hiking to snorkeling, which still become few of his hobbies to date. 

shl asia architecture landscape interior lighting artwork

Like many young adults, Alco took time in figuring out what he truly wanted to do in life. He listed all his strengths and weaknesses and realized how much he loved to draw and read as well as enjoying the outdoor. After doing some research, he found that architecture program would suit him best even when he did not necessarily fond of arithmetic. When he graduated from Architecture Engineering Study of Udayana University, Alco was determined to work in consultants and due to his curiosity nature, Alco always sought on new challenges. He had experience on architecture, contractor, interior to finally landed in one of the well-known landscape consultants in the island.

After years working in a landscape consultant, he found his call as a landscape designer for his love of nature and finally became the newest addition to SHL Asia as one of the principals of landscape design. When we asked Alco how important landscape design is to a project, he stated that landscape design is as essential as the building itself. It balances out the whole composition of the design and allows the residents to have space for outdoor activities which he believes it is vital considering the situation nowadays. He understands the benefit of being close to nature (e.g. plants and greeneries) without necessarily being close to the natural environment. Alco admires tropical design with natural feeling yet still presents clean and composed overall look.

shl asia architecture landscape interior lighting artwork
Alco and Jung Yat on-site visit
Meeting with a client

His creative process in making landscape design include brainstorming and zoning. Initially, he would take keywords from the client’s brief and starts the designing journey from macro to micro where zoning or dividing the area into few different zones helps him understand the function, type of softscape and hardscape for every zone. Then he would brainstorm and research on references to find the connecting line for all zones and integrated one another to finally make the concept whole.

Finally, to wrap it up, we asked Alco what’s next for him? For Alco, SHL Asia has become his new home. He found a team of passionate people with integrated system that deliver unique design experience with the value of culture, art, and nature which he found synergy with. He wishes to grow together with SHL Asia and continue making landscape design that can answer the dream of valuable people. We are absolutely excited to see what’s coming this year.

SHL Asia team