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Kairana Gassani

We are excited to announce that we have won the IAI Bali Award with our project in Ubud, Folk Pool and Garden!  Utterly grateful for this award as a lot of amazing fellow architects and figures also contributed their works making this award very prestigious and such an honor for us to have won it.

IAI (Indonesia Architect Association) Bali annually organizes an award for architects, architecture projects in Bali and figures that have contributed their knowledge and skills to develop architectures in Bali. This award aim to give appreciation for the architectural innovation that implements the right ethic, logic and good aesthetic.

This year we submitted few of our projects and one of them, Folk Pool & Gardens, got nominated for tourism accommodation category. We were not sure at first about Folk, since one of the criteria was to implement Balinese architecture principles in to the design. It is also required to follow the building regulation in Bali. While Folk was designed to be very rustic and exposed, it is still as Bali as it can get.

Located right at the heart of Ubud, Folk Pool & Garden is a scaled up restaurant turned into swim up bar and backyard. The bar implements the laid back concept, for the owner wished to present the Ubud ambience. To really bring out the nostalgic nuance of Ubud or Bali in general, a selection of recycled materials was applied in most area of pool and garden from its framework building, interior as well outdoor exterior. All the materials were exclusively picked from the local vicinity such as old tin rood sheets and recycled trellis.

Traditional Balinese buildings seek to be in harmony with the nature and the environment. It is presented on how Folk blend in with the surrounding through its humble concept and the nuance of familiarity. The landscape is also covered with plants, flowers and bushes just like the typical neighbor garden.  Other than that, traditional Balinese houses are built almost entirely of organic materials and Folk Pool and Garden applied these natural materials such as thatch roofing, recycled ironwood and different kind of stones.

Through Folk Pool & Garden, we wish for people to see how diverse and dynamic our projects are. They are the realization of our unique ideas with the love of nature’s touch and the clash of culture. We want people to not only enjoy our projects, but also story to tell and memories to remember for a long time. And lastly, this award is dedicated to all the team, the clients and partners that have supported us through this journey. This one’s for you.


SHL Asia Team