SHL Asia

As a Bali based design consultant, SHL Asia committed to staying true to its roots while at the same embrace the inevitable changes in the island, thus SHL Asia humbly presents personalized design through Desa Kala Patra Philosophy.

Over the years, the tales of the island have spread across the ocean and as the words have reached the shores of other countries, more people are coming and falling over this island, calling it their home. While Bali is indeed a home to many, it is also a sanctuary, a safe space, and a creative ground where people are excited and inspired in some way yet well-suited and humbled in others. Even with numerous people and foreign influences, the island manages to keep their ground steady and their hundred years of culture flows deep within their vein to this day all thanks to one of their ancient philosophies, Desa Kala Patra.

Desa Kala Patra philosophy is an ancient belief system that holds profound wisdom and symbolism. The literal meaning of each word is Desa means ‘place’, Kala signifies ‘time,’ and Patra represents ‘situation.’ Together, they embody the cyclical relationship between space, time and situation. Desa Kala Patra is the unwritten inheritance, without doctrine and without the truest form. It is deeply ingrained in the daily lives of Balinese people which some may or may not realize.

The idea of this concept is the discretion to continuously improvise and re- interpret, to embed the tradition as something flexible without losing the sense of its heritage, to constantly respond to the needs of time and place without losing its essence. Back in the days, the Balinese believed that Desa Kala Patra served as a guideline to carry out good deeds.The recent interpretation, however, shows that the philosophy could be applied to almost every aspect in the society—religious activities, art performance, to the local custom and even the design approach of SHL Asia.

A quick example would be pelinggih (or the altar) in Balinese family house. Over the years the numbers are the same but the design, the carving and the material could be different every time it undergoes renovation, it all goes to the improvisation of each generation with the tend of fashion or trend influence that is happening in the certain area (place), in the particular time and situation. When it is implemented on the design, SHL Asia realizes that each client is unique, they have their own perspective on beauty and function thus SHL Asia responds to each place, time, and condition that combines into the dreams and needs of the client, as it is called personalized design.

Through Desa Kala Patra as the main guide, SHL Asia creates spaces that not only please the eye but also evoke the sense of balance, harmony, and spiritual connectedness with each client. The integration of Desa Kala Patra philosophy enables a profound exploration of the cyclical nature of time, emphasizing the importance of the preservation of cultural heritage and most importantly a personalized design practice that is unique and personal on so many levels.